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Professional Manufacturer of natural drug active monomer and reference substance of traditional Chinese medicine
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Strong custom R&D capability
Strong custom R&D capability

The company has nearly 100 employees, and technical personnel account for 60%, including 1 doctoral supervisor, 6 master's degree, and 15 bachelor's degree. Most of the companies in the industry are sales companies, without corresponding technical support and product development and production capabilities.

Continuous and stable supply
Continuous and stable supply

Stable technical team, a single variety of the same batch has a large amount of inventory, can effectively ensure the consistency of products provided to customers.

Sufficient inventory and strong after-sales guarantee
Sufficient inventory and strong after-sales guarantee

More than 4000 kinds of spot, fast delivery speed, products can be the first time to reach the hands of customers

National high-tech Enterprise
National high-tech Enterprise

National high-tech Enterprise,And has a number of national invention patents.

  • Industrialization customization and process development services of active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine
  • Customized separation services for target compounds
  • The fingerprint research service for Chinese herbal medicine
  • Purification process development services for APIs or intermediates
  • Separation and Preparation Services for Pharmaceutical Impurities
  • Traditional Chinese medicine quality basic research services
  • econdary development services for proprietary Chinese medicines
  • Processing and quality standard research services of Chinese herbal decoction pieces